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Scammers hit Indigenous community for $1.7 million: report

23 May 2018 in Security

Scammers fleeced an average of nearly $6500 from Indigenous Australians in 2017, a 14% increase on 2016, with total losses…

Optus fined $1.5 million for misleading customers over NBN transition

23 May 2018 in Business Telecommunications

Optus has been fined $1.5 million in the Federal Court for misleading customers by telling them their services would be…

Trump suggests big fine, management change for ZTE deal

23 May 2018 in Government Tech Policy

US President Donald Trump has outlined a plan for lifting the export ban on Chinese telecommunications company ZTE Corporation, suggesting…

Adobe to pay US$1.68 billion to acquire Magento

22 May 2018 in Deals

Adobe is set to acquire commerce platform Magento Commerce in a deal valued at US$1.68 billion.

Software fault triggered Telstra mobile network outage

22 May 2018 in Telecoms & NBN

The calamitous collapse of Telstra's mobile network on Monday was triggered by a software fault which led to multiple elements…

Google's vision of social engineering outed in company video

22 May 2018 in Technology Regulation

Google appears to have visions of controlling people in the future through the information that it slurps up every day,…

New alliance to develop a national robotics R&D strategy

22 May 2018 in Strategy

CSIRO's digital innovation group Data61 has announced the formation of an alliance to develop a national robotics R&D strategy and…

Google, big tech may face Justice Dept scrutiny

22 May 2018 in Government Tech Policy

US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has acknowledged that the Justice Department needs to take a close look at technology companies…

New MVNO LYF Mobile launches with 'millennial needs' focus, but is Aldi Mobile cheaper?

22 May 2018 in Telecoms & NBN

Promising to be "more than just a phone service" thanks to an emphasis on community engagement and giving back, LYF…

Telstra outage: when will customers know the reason?

21 May 2018 in Open Sauce

Nearly 10 hours after its mobile network collapsed like a pile of pancakes on Monday, Australia's biggest telecommunications outfit Telstra…

Telstra says service 'back to normal levels', but no word on why it happened

21 May 2018 in Telecoms & NBN

The national Telstra outage that affected 3G and 4G voice and data services this morning and afternoon appears to be…

Aussies spend big bucks on mobile

21 May 2018 in Mobility

Australians pay on average $44 per month each for their mobile phone plans, representing a whopping total for all mobile…

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Rich Communication Services messaging revenues to explode: Juniper

24 May 2018 in Market

Global revenues from Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging will exceed $9 billion by 2022, up from an estimated $126 million…

Rich Communication Services revenue to explode in next 5 years: Juniper

24 May 2018 in Strategy

Global revenues from Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging will exceed $9 billion by 2022, up from an estimated $126 million…

Broadband Forum webinars ask what fixed networks have to do with 5G rollouts

23 May 2018 in Telecoms & NBN

5G: What's fixed got to do with it? That's the name of the Broadband Forum's May 24 and June 11…

Tech Data launches cloud marketplace in Australia market

23 May 2018 in Market

US-based ICT services company Tech Data has launched its StreamOne Cloud Marketplace in Australia following a successful launch in India…

Recruiting new staff more effective than training, say Aussie businesses

23 May 2018 in Training

Almost half (48%) of Australian businesses would rather recruit new talent than train existing employees, despite 70% recognising it is…

FBI exaggerated number of encrypted phones blocking investigations

23 May 2018 in Security

The FBI has grossly exaggerated, on more than one occasion, the number of digital devices it cannot access due to…

Iridium readies for new broadband services with latest satellite launch

23 May 2018 in Space

Satellite services company Iridium has successfully launched its sixth Iridium NEXT satellite, with 55 new satellites now in orbit as…

Google aiding in identification of rape victims: claim

23 May 2018 in Security

Google is aiding people in bypassing anonymity orders issued by courts in the UK by allowing them to uncover the…

Commvault extends integrations with Microsoft Office 365

23 May 2018 in Data

Back-up and recovery specialist Commvault has extended its data protection software portfolio with further integrations into Microsoft Office 365.

Forgotten server earns UK university big fine

23 May 2018 in Security

The University of Greenwich in the UK has been fined £120,000 by the Information Commissioner for forgetting and leaving online…

Apple dominates as US smartphone sales fall in Q1

23 May 2018 in Mobility

Smartphone sales in the US for the first quarter of 2018 fell by 11% year-on-year, the analyst firm Counterpoint says,…

Two variants of Spectre flaw found in numerous processors

23 May 2018 in Security

Two new variants of the processor vulnerability known as Spectre, that was announced in January, have been announced by Google…

Microsoft to extend GDPR rights to users worldwide

23 May 2018 in Strategy

Microsoft will extend the same rights that are at the heart of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation to…

7 FULL VIDEOS: AMD Avengers rising in epic move to wipe out half of Intel's sales across the universe

22 May 2018 in Hardware

Complete with its Infinity Fabric laden with AMD's six gems compromising of Ryzen and Ryzen Pro, Radeon, SenseMI, GuardMI, Zen…

US, China close to deal on lifting ZTE ban: report

22 May 2018 in Government Tech Policy

The United States and China are closing in on a deal that would lift an export ban on Chinese telecommunications…

Square's new wares: boosting Aussie business with its new HQ and engineering hub

22 May 2018 in Development

Payments company Square has announced it is "expanding operations in Australia (and) opening a new, larger headquarters to support the…

OnMarket, Listcorp team up on investor initiative

22 May 2018 in Strategy

IPO and equity crowdfunding portal OnMarket is partnering with investor relations platform Listcorp to assist newly listed ASX companies with…

VIDEO: SafetyCulture secures $60m in new funding to accelerate expansion and improve safety

22 May 2018 in Development

Workplace safety solutions company SafetyCulture has secured A$60 million in new funding to "accelerate expansion and improve safety", raising the…


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