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Australian Customers Welcome MarkLogic® 9 – the Latest Release from the Leader in Next Generation Database Technology


MarkLogic 9 Delivers Industry-Leading Data Security, Faster Data Integration and Manageability Features for Optimal Productivity, Data Access and Governance

Sydney, Australia – 16 June 2017 – Following last month’s launch of MarkLogic 9, the latest release of the world’s best database for integrating data from silos,  MarkLogic Corporation is overwhelmed by the response from its Australian customers.

With the recent raft of global hacking and ransomware attacks, it is the new security features in this latest product release that have been met with open arms.

MarkLogic 9 enables enterprises to keep data more secure than ever before and highly sharable at the same time – an ever-increasing requirement in today’s business landscape. With combined data integration, security and manageability capabilities, MarkLogic 9 enables organisations to more rapidly, securely, easily and affordably achieve a unified, actionable 360-degree view of their data - whether in the cloud or on-premises.

MarkLogic currently has over 1,000 global customers, including many in Australia, relying on it to integrate their most critical data.

"The MarkLogic database is at the core of our digital and business transformation,” said Dr. Bronwyn Evans, CEO of Standards Australia. “Having an ability to store, manage and search both structured and unstructured data empowers us to connect the right information with the right people - and deliver solutions in ways we had never thought were possible. Through the implementation process, we had no downtime and maintained the data resiliency and consistency features from our legacy relational databases.

Dr. Evans added: “Establishing a robust data repository has allowed us to create content with sophisticated XML development tools that will significantly streamline our content development and management workflows. Being able to better manage, curate and adapt our content will enable us to respond more rapidly to and meet the needs of our Australian stakeholders today, with almost limitless options for using our content tomorrow."

"The competitive landscape in Australia is quickly turning to one driven by an organisation's ability to manage and mine its data effectively,” said Tim Macdermid, Area Vice President, APAC at MarkLogic. “Our Australian customers spanning financial services, media and publishing through to the government sector are some of the most progressive and innovative leaders in the world. It is our privilege to deliver an even more superior product that will significantly enable our customers to gain the agility, simplicity and security they need to succeed in today’s dynamic business environment. With its ability to help enterprises keep data more secure than ever before whilst also highly sharable at the same time – a feat not possible with legacy systems – MarkLogic 9 represents the next evolution in database technology."

MarkLogic 9 adds new enterprise-grade features to make data integration faster and easier, data security stronger and more granular, and database management more efficient. Key among these new capabilities are:

Industry-Leading Data Security:

Advanced encryption protects data from hackers and insider threats using standards-based cryptography, advanced key management and granular separation of duties.

Element Level Security goes beyond the existing document-level security to allow specific elements of a document to be hidden from particular users. The increased granularity means greater data protection.

Redaction eliminates the exposure of sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, by removing specific information or replacing it with other values in order to prevent leakage of sensitive data. Most importantly, it gives enterprises the assurances they need to share data safely.

Faster, Easier Data Integration From Silos:

Entity Services allows organisations to manage messy, ever-changing data sources by allowing them to define and evolve a model and vocabulary that harmonises real-world entities, such as customers and products, and the relationships between them.

Optic is a revolutionary new API that lets developers view their data as documents, graphs or rows, providing unparalleled flexibility and efficiency.

More Manageable and More Productive:

Ops Director is a foundational new tool that eases management for system administrators across multiple clusters, cloud and on-premises systems, and production, test and development environments.

Telemetry is an opt-in feature that enables better and faster support by collecting, encrypting and sending diagnostic system-level information to MarkLogic so it is there immediately when needed.

For more information about MarkLogic 9, visit www.marklogic.com/what-is-marklogic/whats-new.

About MarkLogic

For over a decade, organisations around the world have come to rely on MarkLogic to power their innovative information applications. As the world’s experts at integrating data from silos, MarkLogic’s operational and transactional Enterprise NoSQL database platform empowers our customers to build next generation applications on a unified, 360-degree view of their data. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, MarkLogic has offices throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia. For more information, please visit www.marklogic.com.

For further media information, interviews or images, please contact: Dana O’Neill, PR for MarkLogic, dana@speakeasystrategies.com.


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